Big is Beautiful

We believe Big is beautiful, Immerse yourself in the realistic feel of whatever you see Movies, Games, Nature, Science or Learning.
The larger-than-life picture size & quality will bowl you over to never look back at small screens.

A leap of technology

VEZEN Big Screens Solutions is a leap from the regular technology, We have created large displays with super picture quality, 4k & 8K ready, Multi-Touch, with a viewing distance of 6 inches for any size viewing angle of 360 Degrees, very low power consumption & a very high lifespan as compared to conventional technologies.

Huge multi-touch screens

Touch & feel our Surfaces. Feel them alive. We Manufacture some of the largest Multi-touch screens in the World with sizes up to 135 inches in single piece with ability for Multiple user's simultaneous interface.

Conference rooms, board rooms teaching institutions.

Use our Big Multi-touch Screens for your Conference rooms, Board Rooms, Teaching institutions for a more than realistic feeling. A totally novel experience wherein one product will suffice for your needs instead of separate White Board/Black Board, Projection Screen & Televisions.

Video Conferencing

Install our Big screens rather than small televisions.
No cutting of images like a video wall. Sharp picture quality & huge good quality images help in enhancing natural feel & attentiveness.
Just plug in your video-conferencing hardware and start.

Command control rooms

Integrate multiple Screens of up to 135 inches each to form a huge command control room unlike small televisions. Our solution has minimal downtime, a huge power saving & one of the longest lifespans available in command control room solutions. Our viewing distance of 6 inches dramatically reduces the size of your command control room. Our products don’t require cooling as there is no major heat generation. Our products are human friendly, Non carcinogenic & non hazardous to the eyes.

Cinematic experience

Our Huge screens convert your house into a cinema hall, watch all your favorite movies at home in a total cinematic experience, the-larger-than life picture & color will definitely leave you dazzled.

SPORTING experience

Immerse yourself in larger than life viewing of your favorite sport. Experience a stadium like experience with super vibrant colors & brightness.
The feel is so real that you will never miss the stadiums.

gaming experience

Plug in any gaming device and experience gaming like never before on our huge displays. Play the best of high-resolution games or kinetic games. The vibrant colors & the depth of the big screens will make it absolutely realistic.

friendly surfaces

Our Surfaces are manufactured to be Non-Carcinogenic & Non-Hazardous to Human Beings
Our Surfaces can be used by Children.